10 Popular PS4 Games Will Be On Sony PlayStation Now This September

10 Popular PS4 Games Will Be On Sony PlayStation Now This September

10 of the popular PlayStation 4 games will soon be seen on PlayStation Now. Sony brings some of the new range of PS4 games this September 2019 to PlayStation Now streaming.

September brings good news to PlayStation Now gamers as Sony reveals its new range of games for PlayStation 4. This week Sony announced that these ten new games will not be exclusively for PS4 alone but will be available for PlayStation Now beginning this month.

Game Titles

The list of PS4 games on PS Now includes Vampyr, Gravity Rush 2, Farming Stimulator 19, Titan Quest and LittleBigPlanet 3. The ten PS4 games to be released on PS Now also comprises the sci-fi action-RPG The Surge, Red Faction Guerilla Re-MARS-tered, MudRunner, De Blob and RIDE 3.

Sony’s move to make PlayStation 4 games available on PlayStation Now gives the latter a good boost in the tight competition it is facing. With Google Stadia and Microsoft’s xCloud coming on the scene, an existing userbase and concrete infrastructure as PS4 has will help PS Now have something to say as it approaches its own stability.

Sony, on the other hand, is looking at PlayStation Now as something more important than its existing game consoles in the days ahead.

Gamers may enjoy the PlayStation 4 games on PlayStation Now which is now a separate subscription to PS Plus and VUE in various ways. Subscriptions can be availed on payments made monthly or annually.

More Good News

Another good news that Sony released another 300 game titles that will be available for download along with the new range of PlayStation 4 games. This means that aside from streaming, the listed games can be played anywhere and anytime even in the absence of an internet connection.

On the other hand, online multiplayer on PS Now who wishes to enjoy the PS 4 games on PS now does not need to have a PlayStation Plus membership. A PlayStation Now trial can be enjoyed free for seven days under the trial period.

When Will the Games Be Seen on Play Station Now

There is no cause of concern if some subscribers do not see the list of games on their PS Now. Since it is gradually rolled out, Sony followers may have to check back again to see if the feature is finally available on their end.


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