Amazon Is Launching Its First Kindle For Kids

Amazon Is Launching Its First Kindle For Kids

Amazon’s first Kindle for kids is launching on Wednesday. The device, which is currently available for preorder, will come with access to a year of unlimited children’s books via the company’s FreeTime Unlimited program.

FreeTime Unlimited, similar to Prime Reading or Kindle Unlimited, is a low-price subscription service that provides parents with a library of books, audiobooks, educational apps, and video content that are appropriate for children. The service also allows parents to set restrictions and screen time limits.

Purchase of a Kindle Kids Edition will come with a one-year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited. Children will be able to access e-books in the library via their Kindle. (The remaining FreeTime Unlimited content is accessible via other devices.)

The Kindle Kids Edition itself also comes with several kid-friendly features, including a vocabulary flash-card generator that creates cards based on words looked up in the Kindle’s dictionary, and Word Wise, a program available on some titles that presents readers with definitions to complex words in-text.


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