Facebook might finally fix one of its most annoying features

Facebook might finally fix one of its most annoying features

If you’ve ever opened Facebook and were instantly frustrated by the way it displays new content, you aren’t alone. Some users have even found ways to disable it completely. The company, which is now known as Meta, has been tweaking the News Feed algorithm for years. And just about every update has been as bad as the last. A fix could be coming, though, as Facebook is testing giving users more control over how they see new content on their feed.

What’s changing with the Facebook News Feed?

There are no official plans to release the features that Facebook is testing, but the company did release a blog post with some details about the changes. According to that blog post, a “small percentage” of users will start seeing adjustable preferences. They can then use those preferences to increase or reduce the amount of content they see from specific friends, groups, family members, and pages they’ve connected with.

Meta also noted that it’s making it easier to access the existing controls, too. Those include settings like Favorites, Snooze, Unfollow, and Reconnect options. Like the News Feed changes, Facebook plans to test these with a limited number of users first…Read more>>




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