Fake LinkedIn profiles can be used to trick you into sharing secrets

Fake LinkedIn profiles can be used to trick you into sharing secrets

Fake LinkedIn profiles pose a risk to members who could be duped into sharing sensitive secrets on the popular Microsoft-owned professional networking platform, a BBC report says.

The UK’s MI5 security service said that over the past five years at least 10,000 UK nationals have been targeted by fake LinkedIn profiles connected to hostile nation-state actors, according to the BBC.

The report cited MI5 chief Ken McCallum, who said that this is happening on “an industrial scale.”

The MI5 warned that LinkedIn users who had accepted connection requests from fake profiles may have been tricked into sharing secrets, the report said.

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Typically, the fake profiles pose as recruiters or talent agents who will approach individuals with “enticing opportunities,” according to the UK’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) which is running a “Think Before You Link” campaign.

“We’d be grateful if you’d agree to be our keynote speaker at our prestigious conference,” according to a video on the Think Before You Link page, which depicts a typical pitch made by a fake profile.

The pitch continues. “We can offer you an attractive fee and all expenses will be paid. Just accept my request and connect and I’ll tell you more.”

CPNI warns that by accepting the request you can become linked to malicious profiles run by hostile states or organized crime organizations and that you could possibly harm national security – depending on what your organization does and your role at the organization…Read more>>



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