How to use the Music app for Mac

How to use the Music app for Mac

The Music app for Mac launched with macOS Catalina, replacing iTunes, and molded Apple Music and your personal music library into one convenient location. While the death of iTunes was a little painful for some, macOS Big Sur has proven that the Music app for Mac is here to stay.

If you were familiar with iTunes or the iOS Music app, using the Music app will likely feel pretty familiar. Still, if you’re new to the Music app, this is a quick refresher on playing music, sorting your collection, and navigating the Music app for Mac. That way, your best Mac can get back to playing the tunes you love. Here’s how to use the Music app for Mac

How to play music in the Music app for Mac

It doesn’t take long to play music in the Music app, just a couple of clicks, and you’re off to the races.

  1. Open Music from your Dock or Applications folder.
  2. Click the play button that appears when you hover over the album or playlist you want to play.

How To Play Music In Music App macOS Big Sur

3.Click on the album or playlist if you just want to play a particular song.

4.Click on the play button that appears on the song’s album art or track number when you hover over it in the tracklisting…Read               more>>




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