Permanently delete your Facebook account, loose ends and all

Permanently delete your Facebook account, loose ends and all

For some, Facebook is a welcome and essential way to keep in touch with relatives and friends across the world, and interact with groups of people with similar interests. Others see a darker side filled with political fightingprivacy oversteps and rampant misinformation. Still others may simply need a break from doomscrolling.

Whatever your reason, we’ll show you how to delete every trace of your Facebook account. It’s important to note that there’s a difference between deleting your Facebook account and deactivating it. Deleting Facebook also severs ties to Facebook Messenger, the social platform’s chat app. If you want to also delete Instagram and WhatsApp, which are Facebook properties, you’ll need to do that separately.

Deactivating your Facebook account temporarily freezes it, which is useful if you want a brief hiatus. But that does nothing to stop the company from tracking your online activity. In order to fully cut ties with Facebook, deleting your account is the only answer. It’s a process that takes some time and patience. Below are the steps you’ll need to follow, as well as some factors you’ll need to take into account prior to going through with it. This story was recently updated...Read more>>



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