Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 review: Pure premium 2-in-1 primed for Galaxy fans

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 review: Pure premium 2-in-1 primed for Galaxy fans

As a Windows PC and Galaxy phone user, I was pretty excited to test one of Samsung’s premium Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 laptops. Available as a regular clamshell laptop or convertible two-in-one in 13- and 15-inch sizes, the Galaxy Book Pros are the first results of a co-engineering relationship between Samsung and Intel and they’re built to be the centerpieces of a Galaxy ecosystem for “mobile-first consumers.”

Long battery life, a thin-and-light design and responsive performance that lets me get connected and working as quickly as possible are what matter most to me in a laptop. That’s what the Galaxy Book Pro 360 I tested gets you. It’s just a bonus that Samsung, Intel and Microsoft made it work better with my phone of choice, too.

Excellent even outside the Galaxy

Again, I tested the 15-inch Pro 360, which is the largest and most expensive model of the four Galaxy Pro models. It starts at $1,300, or £1,099 in the UK; it’s not currently available in Australia but the UK price converts to about AU$1,990. Considering its features, components and build quality, the price is on par with other premium two-in-ones. It’s a nice-looking laptop, although it’s also sort of nondescript. The bronze finish on mine didn’t help, although you can get it in navy too.

What will grab your attention when you pick up the Pro 360 is just how thin and light it is for a two-in-one this size. Even folded back into a tablet, the Pro 360 stays thin. Generally, an extra millimeter isn’t going to keep me from buying a laptop, but the thinness and other features really drive home that these are designed for greater mobility.

Basically, the Galaxy Book Pro models are for people who want a laptop experience similar to what they have with their phones. It should turn on and unlock instantly, always be connected, have the same responsive performance on battery power as it does when plugged in and be as portable as possible…Read more>>



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