Samsung Galaxy S22: 5 things I want to see

Samsung Galaxy S22: 5 things I want to see

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 is a superb all-round flagship, but its follow up, the Galaxy S22 is already peeking over the horizon. We’ve seen a few scattered rumors around 200-megapixel image sensors and slightly smaller displays, but being the demanding tech addict I am, I have my own wishlist of things I want to see on Samsung’s next superphone.

The S22 isn’t likely to arrive until January next year, and there are likely to be a lot more rumors before then. We’ve also got the launch of the Apple iPhone 13, expected some time in September, and maybe Google’s Pixel 6. Those launches may well influence my wish list and Samsung’s plans for its own phones. Expect to see this article updated as the months progress and keep an eye on CNET’s ongoing rumor roundup for the latest on the S22 series.

Here then, are my top five wishes for the Galaxy S22.

Better camera

The camera on the S21 Ultra is superb, with an awesome optical zoom that lets you get shots that few phones can compare to. But it wasn’t a big upgrade over the S20. Both had 100x zooms, both did 8K video, both had 108-megapixel sensors. The S20 Ultra was the big leap forward, the S21 Ultra just refined it slightly. It’s time then for a bigger update, and already we’re seeing rumors of 200-megapixel sensors and much-improved zoom systems on the S22 Ultra.

That would be lovely, but more megapixels doesn’t necessarily mean better photos, so I’d also like to see an even bigger image sensor — maybe a 1-inch sensor. It’s no secret that a bigger image sensor allows for better dynamic range in a photo. If Samsung paired that resolution with a big sensor capable of capturing tons of light and contrast details it could have an absolutely astonishing camera system on its hands.

But Samsung needs to make sure its software is on point too. There are more advances needed to allow for improved computational photography and better raw image capture. Apple’s ProRaw has blown me away: It can capture beautiful HDR images that still give me full control over editing in apps like Adobe Lightroom, just as I would with any raw file from a DSLR. Samsung’s software isn’t quite at that level and I’d like to see more focus here.

Expandable storage

Samsung used to allow you to expand the base storage of its phones with microSD cards, but it removed that option with the S21 range. This means you’re stuck with only the phone’s built-in storage.

That might not be an issue on lower models in the range, particularly if you don’t shoot a lot of video or play many demanding games, but if you’re into your photos and videos and you plumped for the Ultra model, that base storage can be limiting. If you shoot 8K videos on the S21 Ultra you’ll know that you can fill up that storage quickly — and it’ll go even faster if Samsung brings 200-megapixel photos to the S22. I can’t even begin to imagine how big those files might be. The 512GB maximum storage currently available on the S21 Ultra won’t last long…Read more>>



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