Stimulus status: Tips to track your $600 check with IRS Get My Payment tool

Stimulus status: Tips to track your $600 check with IRS Get My Payment tool

Where’s my stimulus check? That’s a question you’re probably wondering if your friends and family have already received theirs. However, the status of your second stimulus check may not be completely simple or straightforward. The IRS has only about a week left to send as many of the $600 stimulus checks out as possible to qualified people (note that some stimulus eligibility rules have changed). The rush has reportedly caused some problems with people receiving their checks. And what happens if your payment doesn’t make the Jan. 15 deadline that’s written into the stimulus bill?

Let’s start with one thing you can do — see what the IRS says about your second stimulus check. Then we’ll tackle the rest, including key things you’ll need to know before you use the Get My Payment tool and what an error message might mean. Here’s what the free status tracking app can tell you:

  • Whether your $600 stimulus check money will arrive through direct-depositpaper checks or EIP card and when it’s being sent. (Here’s how to track your mailed check to your house.)
  • How much money you can expect (you can compare that stimulus total with our calculator here).
  • If there are any issues that might be holding up your check’s delivery.

Important things to know before using the Get My Payment tool

The payment-tracking tool, called Get My Payment, requires a bit of decoding:

  • The IRS updates its status tracking information once a day, overnight.
  • If you try to access the tool during a busy period, you may wait in a queue before you can enter your information.
  • You’ll need to plug in your Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, date of birth, street address and ZIP or postal code — so have those handy.
  • The portal may show your payment status, whether it’s been scheduled, the payment method (direct deposit or by mail) and date. It’ll also let you know if the service can’t yet determine your status.
  • The IRS is sending payments on a schedule and in batches. If your payment schedule is set, the Get My Payment tool will show you the date.

You should receive a letter after the IRS issues your payment, with information on the amount you received and how you received it…Read more>>



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