The best Apple AirTag accessories you can buy

The best Apple AirTag accessories you can buy

Apple lovers who constantly lose their keys got a new way to keep track of them with the launch of AirTags. But despite how easy they are to set up, Apple’s tiny Bluetooth trackers have one critical flaw — no built-in keychain hole. That means anyone who buys AirTags will have to buy holders or cases to attach them to their stuff.

Despite how backwards this seems, it’s a very Apple way of milking as much money out of a new product as possible since many will simply buy Apple’s own AirTag holders. But those aren’t the only options available — plenty of accessory companies have already made AirTag cases. However, since the trackers are still quite new, third-party options are a bit slim. But those that are available right now are almost all cheaper than Apple’s own cases, so they’re worth considering regardless of if you intend to have one or many AirTags shadowing your valuables.

If you already bought an AirTag or two, you probably know where you want to put it. The most common place is attached to your keys, but AirTags are small enough to strap to backpacks and luggage, to slip inside a wallet or even attach to your pet’s collar. Where you want to put the thing will help determine the kind of case you should get for it.

Let’s start with key-friendly cases, specifically Apple’s own $35 Leather Key Ring. Like most Apple accessories it’s basic, yet attractive. The AirTag nestles into the perfectly-shaped leather circle and snaps shut, and since the leather extends slightly over both sides of the tracker, there’s very little chance it will pop out unexpectedly.

But unless you simply must have all Apple everything, you can get similar leather (or faux-leather) key holders for less. I liked Spigen’s AirTag Case Valentinus because it has an almost identical design and comes with an easy to use carabiner-style key ring. It’s made of pleather but doesn’t feel cheap and its snap closure is just as secure as Apple’s — plus, it’s $15 cheaper.

Two other all-purpose key rings that stood out were Elago’s AirTag case ($9 for a pack of two) and Caseology’s $14 Vault. The former is quite minimal — it’s a soft-touch silicone circle that’s larger than the AirTag itself, which gives you a better grip on the tracker. One side of the gadget is completely covered by the case, as is the whole circumference. But that leaves one side visible, which means you can show off any emoji engravings you emblazoned on your AirTag. Elago’s case is the best no-frills option that I found when it comes to design and price…Read more>>




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