Twitter’s new ‘Blue’ service is yet another tax on minorities

Twitter’s new ‘Blue’ service is yet another tax on minorities

Twitter today launched its new Blue subscription service in Canada and Australia. As Neural’s Thomas Maucaulay reported earlier, users in the initial subscriber areas can now pay a small monthly fee to get a VIP social media experience.

The big sell here is that Blue subscribers will get access to an “undo tweet” ability, bookmark folders, “reader” mode, and “dedicated subscription customer support.”

None of that makes any sense. Wasn’t the algorithm supposed to solve the customer support crisis? If Twitter’s having such a problem serving people in a timely manner, why on Earth would anyone pay extra for poor customer service from an apparently overworked staff?

Let’s break this down piece by piece.

First up: The “undo tweet” ability. Social media companies often roll out new quality of life features on a limited basis, but this is among the few times I’ve seen an ubiquitously-useful feature slide behind a subscription gate.

This type of stuff rarely even happens in gaming anymore. If a gaming service wouldn’t let you press the “cancel” button on a menu unless you were a paying subscriber, it’d be universally panned.

Not to mention the subscription literally only buys you 30 extra seconds to make that decision. That’s right, per Twitter:

With Undo Tweet, you can set a customizable timer of up to 30 seconds to click ‘Undo’ before the Tweet, reply, or thread you’ve sent posts to your timeline.

Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I don’t see why this feature doesn’t just exist for everyone. Perhaps Twitter is priming the pumps for a DLC subscription add-on package that allows you edit your tweets if you pay an additional, additional fee.

Next: Subscribers get the ability to use folders in their bookmarks. Us unwashed non-Blues have the option to toss anything we like into a general folder called “Bookmarks.” Subscribers will be able to create subfolders within their bookmarks…Read more>>



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